Rules - ARK HUN Gaming

  • No meshing, no hacking, no abusing of broken game mechanics in raids (such as tunneling)
  • No mesh turrets (shooting through mesh)
  • Don't block obelisks - Temporary FOBs for boss fights allowed
  • Don't block Crystal Isles artifact caves - Other servers are allowed
  • PVE players can't build in meta PVP spots (such as Island Ice Cave) and can't abuse PVE to harm other players

  • Main base in mesh = full tribe wipe on all maps + 1 week ban
    Structures in mesh but legit main base = wipe of mesh structures and 1 day ban for entire tribe

    Ratholes are allowed, but it must be possible to get inside without zipline / pelagornis / placing structures that other tribes wont be able to / similar methods - otherwise its considered meshing


    PVE Mode

  • Switch using chat commands /pve and /pvp
  • PVE players will have halved harvesting and breeding rates
  • First switch is possible on 1st November 2022
  • You can only switch once in 2 weeks
  • 12 hours after switching from PVP to PVE, you can still get raided and you can damage enemy dinos, but not structures
  • 12 hours after switching to PVP, you still can't damage enemy structures

  • Rates and settings

  • 2X Stacks
  • 3X XP
  • 3X Harvest
  • 4X Taming
  • 16X Breeding
  • Admin Logging ON
  • Collision ON
  • Structure decay ON - No auto demolish, only manual
  • Structure pickup ON
  • Turret Limit 100
  • Official saddle and weapon cap
  • Genesis Flyers and TEK armor OFF

Note: These rates are base rates, they can be increased by donations or active events. Current rates are in the table below:

Current Donation Multiplier - 1x
Harvest Multiplier3x
Taming Multiplier4x
Breeding Multiplier16x
Donation events
EventDonated byEvent end
No donation event14. 09. 2022
ARK HUN Gaming team

ARK HUN Gaming team